Alternative and Adult Education

School District No. 73 offers a variety of alternate programs for students from ages 12 through adult.  The programs are run through the Twin Rivers Education Centre (TREC).  Programs include the Four Directions Secondary School, a Continuing Education centre, and Bridges - a program offered at the Twin Rivers campus.

The Four Directions School is located at TREC, 985 Holt Street. Four Directions is an alternate secondary school for aboriginal students offering curricula and special programs promoting First Nations culture and pedagogy. There are 40 students in this program, a full time program coordinator, two teachers, one Aboriginal Education Worker, a School Support Worker and an Aboriginal Family Counsellor. Students interested in this program enrol at TREC, then are referred to the Four Directions program through the administration and TREC school counsellor.

Bridges Program

The Bridges Program is an intervention program located at TREC which is designed to assist students ages 12 to14 who are having difficulties in the transition from the elementary to the secondary system. The program focuses on the individual needs of students while emphasizing core subjects (reading, writing and math), social responsibility skills and community interactions. The main goal is the successful reintegration into a local high school.

The Bridges Program provides a smaller class size with a teacher and school support worker. There is also a TREC counselor, learning assistance teacher and administrator to provide the necessary support.

A typical school day runs from 8:30 am to 11:45 am and could consist of a combination of some of the following:

  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 8:45 Academics - Social Studies, English, Math
  • Physical Education - TREC Gymnasium
  • Social Responsibility - problem solving, anger management, self esteem, and goal setting
  • School Involvement - Fruit and Vegetable Program, Cafeteria Program
  • Community Involvement - Body Works/TTC gym, Canada Games Pool, Museum, community walks, hiking, going to the library. (These outings typically occur weekly on Thursdays.)
  • 11:30 Lunch

Alternate Education

The Alternate Education Program at TREC is available to students who are in grade 9 through12.  Students attend the program in the morning or afternoon and work on completing at least two courses per semester.

Some electives are available.



  • Twin Rivers Education Centre
    (250) 554-3438
  • Street School
    (250) 376-7072