British Columbia Student Awards and Scholarships

There are a variety of awards and scholarships available through the Ministry of Education.   An outline of the awards is noted below, and detailed descriptions can be found in the  Handbook of Procedures for the Graduation ProgramChapter 6.

BC Achievement Scholarships

Students do not need to apply for this award. Each year the B.C. graduates with the highest cumulative average based on courses required for graduation (both required and elective) are eligible to receive a $1250 scholarship voucher to use towards their post-secondary tuition.

The Ministry will determine recipients based on students’ achievement in Grades 10, 11, and 12 courses that satisfy 2004 Graduation Program requirements (including elective courses). Grad Transitions will not be included. A cumulative average percentage will be calculated and form the basis for awarding the BC Achievement Scholarship.

Recipients must:

  • Meet basic eligibility requirements
  • Fulfil graduation requirements of the 2004 Graduation Program by August 31st of the student’s graduating year
  • Attain a "B" (73% or above) or better average in their Language Arts 12 course:
    • English 12
    • Communications 12
    • Français langue premiere 12, or
    • English 12 First Peoples

A student can receive only one BC Achievement Scholarship in their lifetime.

Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships

This scholarship has been phased out. The final allocation was in the 2015/16 school year.

District / Authority Scholarships

There are 5500 District/Authority Scholarships distributed across school districts and independent school authorities that recognize graduating B.C. students for excellence in their chosen area of interest or strength. Beginning in the 2015/16 school year, winners will receive a $1250 scholarship voucher to use towards their post-secondary tuition.

Students can apply for this scholarship through their school district office or contact their school counsellor for information.

To win a scholarship, a student must apply and:

  • Meet the basic eligibility requirements
  • Meet criteria determined by the local scholarship committee, which requires a student to demonstrate outstanding achievement in any of the following areas:
    • Indigenous Languages and Culture, demonstrated at school or in the community
    • Fine Arts (e.g., Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music)
    • Applied Skills (e.g., Business Ed, Technology Ed, Home Economics)
    • Physical Activity (e.g., Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, not limited to Physical Education)
    • International Languages with Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) or External Assessments, including A.P. and I.B. courses
    • Community Service (Volunteer Activity), which includes demonstration of local and global issues and cultural awareness
    • Technical and Trades Training (e.g., Carpentry, Automotive, Mechanics, Cook Training)
  • Fulfill the B.C. graduation requirements of either the 2004 Graduation Program or the Adult Graduation Program by August 31st of the student’s graduating year
  • Have not previously received a District/Authority Award or a District/Authority Scholarship

Secondary School Apprenticeship Scholarships

These $1,000 scholarships are awarded to graduating secondary school apprentices who:

  • Have been registered in a school district Secondary School Apprenticeship Program (SSA) prior to graduation,
  • Successfully complete SSA 11A, SSA 11B, SSA 12A, and SSA 12B (Please note: In 2017-2018 these course codes changed to: MWRK 11A, MWRK 11B, MWRK 12A, and MWRK 12B),
  • Maintain a C+ average or better in their Grade 12 numbered courses, and
  • Reported a total of at least 900 hours to the ITA within six months of graduation.

There is no need to apply for Secondary School Apprenticeship Scholarships.  All students who meet the criteria for the Scholarship are automatically considered for the award.

Scholarships in School District No. 73

A number of district-wide scholarships are available to School District No. 73 students.  Descriptions and criteria of all district scholarships and buraries are available in the Scholarship and Awards Description and Criteria handout.  Please use the School District No. 73 Scholarship & Bursary Awards Application to apply for all District Awards.  (The application form is being updated and will be online when the update is complete.)  In addition, there are many scholarships available that are specific to each school or available through other sources.  Information on these awards is also available in the AMAS Awards and Scholarships Database.

Other Scholarship Resources

Student Loans

Student Aid BC provides information on applying for and monitoring your student loan.

Accessing Exam Results

To access your exam results, go to Ministry of Education Exam Results.  To look up your exam results you will need your PEN (Personal Education Number) found on your transcript or any report card. 

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