News Submission Form

The District's Website looks forward to displaying items about our district which reflect our mission "Working Together for Quality Public Education". The items may be placed in the "Spotlight" section of the webpage, or the "Program Highlight" section at the bottom of the webpage.

* A Spotlight will highlight a unique event in our district that reflects our range of district activities or instructional practises. The Spotlights will change on a monthly basis.

* The Program Highlight section will highlight programs or events that relate to many of our students and classrooms in our district. This section will be updated on a bimonthly basis.

Photos are wonderful ways to highlight our district. For each news item we would like to have a gallery of photos (4 to 10).

If you have a news item, please the form below.

2-3 words describing the news article.

One or two sentences that appears on the front page. You can use the first sentence of your article. NOTE: Auto Crops at 200 characters.

This is the main body of your news article. Write as much as you want here.

Note: multiple photos can be sent in a .zip archive containing 1 to 10 photos.

Optional video clip.


* Get your consent forms done first.  Policy 412.1

* Don't send bad pictures. (e.g. blurry, copy-right)

* A parent may have concerns about a student's face or name being online,  however they may be OK with a photo of their work.