Health Promoting Schools

 Health and education are interdependent:  healthy students are better learners,
and better-educated individuals are healthier.”

Consortium for School Health 

Safe and Healthy Schools 

School District No. 73 supports the notion that healthy children learn better.  We also believe that schools, working together with families and community partners (organizations), can positively affect the overall health of our students.  As such, our school district provides several services to support the development of healthy schools and healthy children within our jurisdiction. 

Health Promoting Schools

School District No. 73 integrates the framework for Comprehensive School Health into the BC Ministry of Education prescribed learning outcomes for Physical Education, Health and Career Education, and the mandated Daily Physical Activity (DPA). Our district endeavours to create and promote inclusive environments, innovative physical activities, and capacity building programs.  Through the development of strong community partnerships, school communities will be able to lay the foundation to develop healthy life-long behaviours:

  1. To support School District No. 73 in health promotion, Action Schools BC provides best practice curriculum-linked resources, professional development opportunities, and support for teachers in physical education, physical activity, and healthy eating.
  2. In the after-school time period, a partnership between Interior Health Authority, the City of Kamloops, and School District No. 73 offers 5-week after-school cooking programs.  Interior Health provides resources to the program for the lessons, including the Re-think Your Drink Display, the Glow Germ Kit, and facilitation of the Grocery Store Tour.  This program, Cook It, Try It, Like It! is connected to the afterschool programming for physical activity called See It, Try It, Do It!
  3. To promote after school sports and arts initiatives, the City of Kamloops, Pacific Sport, Dash BC, and The Boys & Girls Club collaborate with School District No. 73 to provide quality recreation and sports activities to youth and families who would otherwise not have access to sports and arts programs in the after school hours.  

What is Comprehensive School Health?

Comprehensive School Health is an internationally recognized framework for supporting improvements in students’ educational outcomes while addressing school health in a planned, integrated and holistic way.  It is not just about what happens in the classroom.  Rather, it encompasses the whole school environment with actions addressing four distinct but inter-related pillars that provide a strong foundation for Comprehensive School Health.

  • Social and Physical Environment
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Healthy School Policy
  • Partnerships and Services

When actions in all four pillars are harmonized, students are supported to realize their full potential as learners and as healthy, productive members of society.   

Comprehensive School Health

  • Recognizes that healthy children learn better and achieve more.
  • Understands that schools can directly influence children’s health and behaviours.
  • Promotes the health and well-being of students.
  • Integrates health into all aspects of school and learning. 
  • Links health and education issues and systems. 
  • Involves families and the community at large.

Information adapted from Pan Canadian Joint  Consortium for School Health                           




School District No. 73 would like to acknowledge, with thanks, the following organizations for their contributions in supporting programs run through Health Promoting Schools: