Henry Grube Education Centre

HGECThe Henry Grube Education Centre provides a variety of educational materials for loan to schools, support personnel for school programming, and meeting facilities for the district.  The Centre is named after Henry Grube, a long serving school trustee from Chase.  Mr. Grube was a strong advocate for students and for public education.

Our District Library, housed at the Henry Grube Education Centre (HGEC), provides materials on loan to educators.  These materials include professional materials for research and professional development, and a wide variety of materials for classroom instruction such as musical instruments, science kits, classroom novels, art resources, etc.  Teachers can access these resources by coming to the library, or by ordering online.  Materials are delivered to schools on a weekly basis through our district’s delivery system.

The HGEC is home to our district’s Student Support Services.  Student Support personnel include our district’s Resource Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, and District Behaviour Consultants.  The focus of this department is to support students (particularly students with special needs) with therapy, technology, assessments, and programming consultation. 

Our district’s Curriculum Coordinators work from the HGEC, supporting curriculum implementation and professional development.  The HGEC also is home to the offices of  the McQueen Lake Environmental Education Centre. 

The district’s Print Shop and Audio Visual Department are part of the HGEC.  The Print Shop provides graphic design and printing for the district and the Audio Visual Department provides resources and technical support to schools and the district.

Most of the district’s meetings are held at the HGEC.  Meeting rooms, with seating capacity of 15 to 200 are used regularly for district business.  Three rooms have video conferencing abilities to connect meetings virtually to outlying communities.  A computer lab is used to provide a variety of technical training programs.

The Henry Grube Education Centre is located on the North Shore, just across the Overlander Bridge at 245 Kitchener Crescent.