Library System

Library System

Libraries are at the centre of the educational program. The role of the teacher librarian in schools is critically important, now more than ever, to support 21st Century Learning. School District No. 73 provides library services to all students, staff and parents ensuring users have the skills to navigate, access, evaluate and utilize a variety of resources in an information rich society. School District No. 73 teacher librarians administer comprehensive library collections, encourage literature appreciation and a love for reading, cultivate information literacy skills, foster inquiry and collaborate with teachers to design engaging and meaningful units of study. It is the mission of all school libraries to positively impact student achievement by ensuring students become competent, critical and ethical users of information.

District Digital Reference Library

The district provides a wide range of digital reference resources for K-12 students and staff to use.


Henry Grube Library

The HGEC Library provides services and resources to all staff and parents of School District No. 73 students. It is a place where educators and parents meet, learn, acquire resources and engage in professional conversations about best practice. The HGEC Library collection consists of over 30,000 relevant K-12 curricular resources. The collection comprises of kits, DVDs, curricular texts, professional resources, manipulatives, guided reading literature circle and novel sets, preschool resources and science equipment. Other services provided by the HGEC staff include: cataloging services for all school libraries, access to the Die Cut machine, laminator services, Mcqueen Lake bookings, print shop orders and school library program and technical support.

School Libraries

School District No. 73 has 44 school libraries. School library collections can be accessed 24/7 at home or at school:  The school library program is multidimensional comprised of four main strands: literature, information literacy, leadership and curricular support and library management. More information about School District No. 73 School Library Programs and the different roles staff, students and parents play to achieve success is included in the Framework for School Libraries. In 2006 a library committee was struck to develop a comprehensive information literacy continuum for School District No. 73 school libraries. For a complete list of the information literacy learning outcomes click on the K-12 continuum link.

Locally Approved Novels

Locally Approved Novels/Plays:

  1. Halfbreed by Maria Campbell (Grades 11/12; Links to SS 11, BC FN 12)
  2. Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson (Grades 11/12; Links to SS 11, Geography 12, BC FN 12
  3. Keeper N' Me by Richard Wagameese (Grades 11/12; Links to SS11, BC FN 12,)
  4. Smoke Signals by Sherman Alexie (Grades 11/12; Links to Family Studies, BC FN 12)
  5. Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth by Taylor Hayden (Grades 11/12; Links to BC FN 12)
  6. The Witch of Niagara by Daniel David Moses (inks to SS11, BC FN 12)

ERAC K-12 Resource Collection

ERAC's K-12 Resource Collection is an online, searchable compilation of resources used in BC classrooms. This comprehensive list of resources has been approved by School District No. 73.To access this resource collection:

  1. Visit
  2. Click For Educators => K-12 Resource Collection.

To access the K-12 Novel List:

  1. Click Advance Search.
  2. Click Product Type. Click the Literacy box.
  3. Click Format. Click the Print Novel box.
  4. Select the Grade boxes applicable to you.
  5. Click submit

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