Notice of Legal Name Change


July 10, 2018


Currently, our District’s official name as registered with government is School District No. 73 (Kamloops/Thompson). This memo proposes taking steps to change the District’s name to School District No. 73 (Kamloops-Thompson).


According to common rules of grammar and the public’s general understanding, a slash is generally used to denote an “either-or” circumstance. Clearly, the “Kamloops-Thompson” in the District’s name is meant to refer to a region that encompasses both the Kamloops and Thompson areas.

It might seem a small point but the presence of a slash in our name could bear potential to confuse. As well, the “slash” serves no useful purpose when a “dash” in its place so much more clearly sets out the intention, which is to unify the management of the Kamloops and Thompson area in one school district. A dash leaves no open question.

It must be noted that our research indicates that other B.C. districts with comparable joint regions expressed in their names have those regional components joined by dashes. There is no clear rationale why, at the time this district was amalgamated, that a “slash” was used in the naming.

We are currently working through a minor rebranding process that will see the District renew its printed materials, signage and logos, including items such as official letterhead. As such, it seems an opportune time to correct this minor grammatical anomaly and bring us into alignment with other B.C. school districts, as well as to remove even the smallest potential for someone to be confused.

To make the change, the Ministry of Education requires:

  • A letter from the Board requesting the change, including the rationale;
  • Public consultation (post the Board’s intent for one month on District website);
  • The proposed date for the change to occur. It is suggested that November 1, 2018 – after the next Board elections – be an appropriate start date).

Board Approval

The Board of Education approved the above recommendation and is working with Ministry staff to conclude the change after the consultation process concludes.