Safe and Healthy Schools

School District No. 73 supports the notion that healthy children learn better.  We also believe that schools, working together with families, can positively affect the overall health of our students.  As such, our school district provides several services to support the development of healthy schools and healthy children within our jurisdiction.

Healthy Schools

In order to support students in making healthy choices, and providing teachers with the tools to teach healthy choices, our school district has embarked on several initiatives. These include Ministry of Education led initiatives such as Daily Physical Activity and the School Food and Beverage Guidelines, as well as locally developed initiatives such as school gardens and community “See-It, Try-It, Do-It” days.

Occupational Health and Safety

To facilitate a safe and healthy environment in which to work and study, School District No. 73 promotes a culture of shared responsibility for health and safety among all persons in the School District.   Some of the policies, procedures and initiatives which support this type of environment can be found on our website.  For additional information on health and safety plans and initiatives, please contact the Manager of Health & Safety at  (250) 374-0679.