Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing provides School District No. 73 with:

* Fully interactive video/audio in real time.
* Capability to have multiple locations in one call (eg. Barriere Secondary, Clearwater Secondary, Chase Secondary).
* Use of other interactive technologies, such as Smartboards and Bridgit.
* Collaboration using open source technologies such as Moodle.
* Lower carbon footprint by reducing the need to travel.

School District No. 73 uses video conferencing in a variety of ways.  Most importantly, it is used to enhance the course options for students in secondary schools.  The technology allows a teacher in one school to work via live video and computer link to work with students in a variety of other high schools.  Examples of this may include a teacher at Clearwater Secondary teaching French 12 to students in three other secondary schools.  It has proven to be an effective tool, keeping students from rural communities and in Kamloops fully engaged with each other, creating a 'larger' classroom.

In our elementary schools, videoconferencing is used primarily as a form of virtual field trip. Allowing students to fully interact with locations such as: N.A.S.A., the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, endless museums, and zoos throughout the world. As well, we have the ability to link up two elementary schools for students to engage with each other on similar projects (eg. Read Around the Planet).

In addition to delivering education to students via this platform, we also use it to reduce the travel time and carbon footprint for administrative meetings, public meetings, as well as Board of Education meetings.